Putnam County NY Bonds

Yes. If you are considered a "home improvement business" by legal definition, you need to register with the county and must be insured and bonded by an acceptable surety company.

The Legislature of Putnam County has enacted a law to help protect homeowners from unscrupulous home improvement, remodeling, and repair contractors.

If you conduct any of the following repair, improvement, or remodeling activities you will be required to register with the county:

Asphalt, blacktop, or driveway sealing or repair; landscaping including lawncare and gardening; arborculture; ground maintenance or other outdoor vocations; swimming pools; porches, patios, terraces, decks, and any other outdoor stonework; garages and garage doors; central vacuum cleaner systems; storm window install or repair; septic systems; insulation; waterproofing; tiling; fencing; painting and wall coverings; flooring and wall-to-wall capeting; masonry; roofing; awnings or siding; antennas or satellite dishes; carpentry; excavation; environmental reclamation; other exterior or interior improvements; construction of custom homes, installation of home goods or furninshing or improvement services.

As you can see if you want to conduct business in Putnam County New York, you most likely need to purchase a surety bond.

When registering with the Putnam County to obtain your license you must include with your registration: a surety license and permit bond in the amount of $25,000 with a minimum policy term of two years; each applicant must also provide a valid certificate of liability insurance naming Putnam County Department of Consumer Affairs as a certificate holder and additional insured.

In addition, each contractor applying for a license must also provide proof of worker's compensation insurance for all employees and sub contractors. You must also include a copy of your photo identification as a precondition to the granting of a registration with the county.

Please view the actual law at the official Putnam County New York consumer affairs website for additional information on registering as a contractor.