Motorcycle Insurance

Our Pawling Agency's Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

Our policy features 

New York State law mandates that all motor vehicles that operate on public roads must be registered insured.  This includes motorcycles, trikes, buggies, or any other vehicles driven "on-road."

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance is a lot like choosing the right bike. You want a policy that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle, but at the same time is within your budget.  That's where the Tanner-Prince Agency can help. 

Many motorcyclist fail to recognize the importance of a solid specialty policy.  In fact most riders are unaware of the pitfalls of New York motorcycle insurance.  We've found that most riders just assume that they have full coverage when in fact they do not.  Another common assumption people make is that their policy works just like their car insurance, this is false and can lead to major financial shortcomings if something goes wrong when your out for a ride.


Bikers are not covered under the normal New York State no-fault law. Therefore motorcyclist are not protected by a normal personal injury protection plan (PIP) like automobile drivers.  This is important because it means riders are not entitled to medical and lost wage benefits. To protect you in the event of a motorcycle crash we strongly recommend an accident policy to all riders.

Motorcyclist personal injury protection

PIP coverage is required for motorcycles in New York State, however it only applies to pedestrians hurt in accidents caused by riders.  Occupants of a motorcycle are not eligible to receive PIP benefits, but, do retain all their rights to sue for non economic (lost wages) damages. Some insurance companies do offer PIP benefits for passengers of motorcycles.


Liability Coverage

This coverage protects you against bodily injury and property damage liability claims against you.  If you cause bodily harm to someone else or damage another persons property in an accident, and are found responsible, you could be looking at a large settlement.  Make sure you have the proper amount of coverage, and make sure your passenger is covered in the event that he or she is injured while riding on the back of your motorcycle.  Ask your agent about New York State laws pertaining to this specific coverage.

Collision Coverage

This is an optional coverage that is essentially the same as the collision on your auto insurance policy.  If your bike is damaged in an accident your insurance company will replace it with one of like or kind quality, or, most likely pay you the actual cash value of your bike minus your deductible.  Keep in mind that most policies will only cover the factory parts on your bike.  If you have an aftermarket or upgraded parts such as chrome or a special paint job be sure to ask your agent about optional coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Another optional coverage, comprehensive will pay for damages caused by an event other than a collision.  This provides protection for events that are out of our control.  For example: theft, fire, hitting a deer, or vandalism.

Tanner-Prince Motorcycle Policy Features

-Accident waiver

-Optional or added equipment

-towing and labor costs

-gap protection

-rental reimbursement

Discounts We Offer

Think you qualify for a break on your insurance premium?  We'd be happy to help you save money while still giving you the protection you need. That's why we offer some of the best discounts in the industry.  If you call for a quote make sure you ask about all the discount you may qualify for.

-Multiple bikes

-Multiple policies

-Good rider discounts

-Transferring your policy from another company

-Motorcycle organization members discounts

-Safety course discounts