Boat Insurance

New York Boat Insurance

Whether you like sailing the Hudson River, fishing your favorite spot, or just cruising the open waters pleasure boating can be one of the summers most enjoyable activities.  But boating also brings with it certain inherent risks that boat owners and operators need to be aware of. That's why we're to help guide you through the process of insuring your boat, motor, and trailer.

Keep in mind that New York State does not require all boats to have insurance. This means there is a greater possibility of being involved in an accident with an uninsured boater. Also keep in mind that some marinas and docks will require you to maintain a personal insurance policy.

At the Tanner-Prince Agency we'll show you what coverages are available and how to get the personalized protection you need.  Whether you have been boating your whole life or just getting started, it's a good idea to take a look at your marine insurance options.

Boat Insurance Coverages and Features

Equipment and accessories
Boat insurance covers more than just your hull and physical structure of the vessel. What about all your other equipment such as the anchor, personal flotation devices, navigation instruments, and everything else used to operate your boat?

That's why theres equipment and accessories coverage available. When you elect to get physical damage coverage your equipment and accessories are automatically covered for up to ten percent of your watercraft's value.  If you need more coverage than that you can always increase that ten percent to whatever you feel is necessary.

Emergency Service

What if something goes wrong when your on the water? That's where the emergency service coverage comes in.  If you need a tow, or to cover labor costs at the place you break down your in luck if you have a boat insurance policy. Did you run out of fuel or have a battery die? We can help you with that too.

Wreck Removal

If your personal watercraft is damaged, destroyed, listing, or otherwise needs to be removed from its location your policy will typically be covered for up to an additional 5 percent of your physical damage coverage limit. Make sure you thorougly investigate the value of your boat and discuss it with your agent so you can decide how much physical damage coverage you need.

Personal Effects Coverage

This coverage is for non-boating-equipment. You probably paid a considerable amount of money for your waterskiis, fishing gear, and other equipment. Make sure that you have the corrent coverage for these items if your require it. Also be sure to talk to you agent about what items are specifically exluded from these coverages. For example pets and contact lenses are often times excluded.