Motorcycle Safety Tips

Do you ride your motorcycle locally? So do we. For more information on rallies, or exhilerating joy rides near Pawling, NY please contact our agency.

Be visible:

-always keep in mind that car and truck drivers have trouble seeing motorcycles and reacting in time

-make sure all your lights and signals work and can be seen during daylight hours

-purchase reflective tape and apply to your bike, helmet, and clothing to increase visibility

-never position yourself in another drivers or riders blind spot

-flash your brake light when slowing, stopping, or turning to alert vehicles behind you

-use your horn, it could save your life

-use universal hand signals when turning if applicable

Dress properly:

-always wear a helmet!

-wear protective leather. Leather is fashionable and just plain bad-ass.

-wear bright colored clothing

-wear gloves

-use common sense, don't wear flip flops