Business Owners Insurance Policy

Business Owners Insurance Policy

Starting a small business?

Businesses need insurance just as much as individuals do.  In fact many businesses require higher limits of coverage than the average insurance consumer.  For firms that meet the eligibility requirements, theres nothing better than a bussinessowners policy (BOP).

What is a Business owners policy?

The businessowners policy was first introduced in New York in 1976.  BOPs combine some of the most common coverages needed by small to medium sized businesses in a user friendly package that is often cheaper than purchasing coverages a la carte.  The BOP is sometimes referred to as a customizer policy. 

What makes a BOP so attractive?

The BOP (aka "nirvana") can be designed to fit the needs of your business.  This makes a BOP the preffered choice for many entreprenuers.

Much like a homeowners policy a BOP is a stand-alone policy that provides property and liability coverage in a single contract.