Business Insurance

Surety Bonds

What is a surety bond? At the most basic level a surety bond is simply a guarantee.  What the bond is guaranteeing is determined by the specific type of bond and its language. How does a surety bond work? Surety bond basics. A surety bond is often mistaken for insurance, however, a surety bond differs from insurance because: the… Read more »

Commercial Auto Policy

What is a commercial auto policy? A commercial auto or business auto policy (BOP) helps protect you and your vehicles when your on the job.  A BOP helps protect everything you've worked hard to build, therefore it should be built to fit the needs of you and your business.  Who needs commercial auto insurance? If… Read more »

Business Owners Insurance Policy

Business Owners Insurance Policy Starting a small business? Businesses need insurance just as much as individuals do.  In fact many businesses require higher limits of coverage than the average insurance consumer.  For firms that meet the eligibility requirements, theres nothing better than a bussinessowners policy (BOP). What is a Business owners policy? The businessowners policy… Read more »